Historic Jamestown

The important site for visitors who must feel the original fort location under their feet.

Historic Jamestown is, the original  site, the island,  that is administered by the National Park Service.




Visit the "Birthplace" of America

The first permanent English settlement.
ome and hear the stories of the colonist's fight for survival, stories of their leader Captain John Smith who historians say is most responsible for the survival of the colony in the first few years. Guests will  learn the true story of  Captain John Smith and his Indian friend Pocahontas.

1607 Godspeed

The Susan Constant, the Godspeed and Discovery 1607 - Painting by Mike Haywood. http://www.mikehaywoodart.co.uk/virginiansettlers.html.


Sailing to the


Your private tour of Jamestown will immerse you in the event of the birth of this country at Jamestown Settlement. Come and help our country celebrate our 400th anniversary. It was 400 years ago that the first colonists came ashore at Jamestown and created the first permanent English settlement.

To create an interesting learning experience, your guide will involve you in the history. Guests will become colonists, exploring the ships as they prepare to leave in December 1606. Guests will participate as actors to recreate the most interesting story we have in our American literature, the true story of Pocahontas saving Captain John Smith. Guests will play various characters as the guide narrates the story. Guests will learn the awesome events that occurred as the first successful English colony struggled to survive.


Yes, there are two different Jamestown's?

Yes, there are two different Jamestown's.
Each has their own separate admissions.

One is the original site administered by the National Park Service

The other is the recreated site called Jamestown Settlement owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia




Historic Jamestown is the actual location of the first permanent English Settlement, where the colonists built their fort (just recently discovered by archeologists). Come see archeology in progress. This site is the real thing, this is the "Birthplace of our Nation", the most important historical site in our great country. This site is administered by the Jamestown & Yorktown VA branches of the "National Park Service". Come and see where Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan, visited Captain John Smith. Do cartwheels in the fort where Pocahontas did them. This is an experience you will never forget. The Glass House on site is an interesting place to visit.The museum and movies are not in service on the site at this time.




Jamestown Settlement

Preferred for tours because of hands on experience.

There is Jamestown Settlement, the recreated Jamestown, built in 1956 and administered by the State of VA. See more information below.No imagination needed here.   This "Settlement"  is a recreation of Jamestown as it might have appeared 1607-1624. It is complete with recreated fort, ships and Indian village staffed by costumed interpreters . It was built by the State of Virginia in 1956 and administered by the  Jamestown & Yorktown "Foundation". While not at the original site, Jamestown Settlement is close to it. Hear the story of the colonists fight for survival as told by your private guide.

A visit to Jamestown Settlement is terrific. Visitors of all ages can see, touch and experience how the colonists and Native American Indians lived.


But for a really unforgettable visit,

take my guided tour to experience the history in a unique way, as a participant.

My tour guests will be introduced to the history from the colonists perspective. Guests will participate in a play of Captain John Smith being captured, then see Smith taken to see Big Chief Powhatan in an Indian Lodge. Will the guest portraying Pocahontas be successful in convincing her father to spare Captain John Smith's life ? This is a fun way to experience the real story of the early founding of this great country. Come join me for a private tour and take home great memories.



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View a clip of the a new movie

about Jamestown Settlement


click above to view the trailer

OOPS! The best part of the movie is the clip.


Colin Farrell stars as Captain John Smith

The movie credits say it was based on historical events. NOT!

It is claimed to be an adventure based on the founding of the Jamestown Settlement in 1607. NOT!

This movie "The New World" turns out to be a 2 hour soap opera focusing on Colin Farrell who appears to be under the influence of drugs the whole movie. He has few lines and seems like he would rather be somewhere else. Rather than acting the part of the strong character of Captain John Smith, the savior of the colony, Farrell is listless, often gazing off in the distance or at the ground. No history is represented correctly. That it claimed to be based on historical events is a distortion. It is as if when making this movie, historical events were put into a hat and of the very few withdrawn to be used, they were then placed in random order, and then distorted. This is one of the the worst movies ever. Even Disney's earlier movies of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas, with it's corruption of Jamestown history, did it better!

Come to Jamestown with me as your guide and hear the true story. The true story is awesome.

Hopefully one day, someone will tell the true story in a movie. The true story will be better than anything that could be fabricated.


Captain John Smith - the man

Defending Smith

Smith's Philosophy

Smith's Friends






Visitors To Williamsburg and Jamestown May Get Hooked For Life And Feel A Need To Return Frequently !!

Reliving the Colonial Period is awesome, but there is more.

There are unforgettable 21st Century contemporary experiences that you may not want to miss. If you play golf, you will not want to miss the opportunity to play a round of golf at any of our areas award winning courses such as the Greens Course or the Golden Horseshoe Golf Course in Colonial Williamsburg  only a few blocks from the restored area, or the great course at Kingsmill.
For other remarkable memories, you may wish to try the heart pounding blood-chilling rush of giant roller coasters or maybe you would like the more serene but entertaining walks through festive European villages at Bush Gardens.




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