My Dear Friends,

If it pleases you,  I will share some comments of previous visitors in regard to their experience with  "Colonial Tours".



Thanks for your wonderful tour last week.  With such a diversity in ages, you did a wonderful job relaying history to each of them on their age levels. Our time with you was one of the highlights of our trip.   We feel that visiting the Williamsburg area was one of the most enriching family trips that we have taken.L. M.

Hi John. We wanted to thank you for such a fun and informative day at both
Jamestown and Williamsburg. We truly enjoyed ourselves and loved learning
the truth about the history and people who settled the area. In addition, we
particularly enjoyed visiting and learning the historical significance of William and Marry College. Thank you, again, and feel free to post this
letter as a great review from all of us.
Victoria Otter and family
Las Vegas, Nevada

I just want to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful walking tours of Williamsburg & Jamestown, and our visit to Yorktown. Your passion shines through in your tour,  and you possess a gift for making history 'come alive.' Your presentation goes far beyond the history books, and without your narration, Williamsburg would have just been another tourist site of shops & restaurants. ( We didn't even mind the rain--it just added to our experience.)Thank you again, & I will keep your name & number to pass on to any future visitors to Colonial Williamsburg.Regards,Sue Escobar,Luxury Travel Inc.San Jose  CA  95128 408-998-3008 / 408-998-3020 fax

Thanks so much for the very informative and entertaining tour of Jamestown and Williamsburg. My family all commented how much their experience was enhanced by your presentation.Thanks Rich Pezzullo

The kids are stilltalking about their time with you in Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. Thanks for the life-long memories! We will defintely be contacting you before our next trip to your area, which the kids are insisting happens soon.Thanks Again,  Kathryn, Alan, Kyle & Michaela

Dear John, Carol and I would like to thank you for the outstanding tours you provided of both Yorktown and Jamestown. I wish now we had also taken your ghost tour and your tour of Colonial Willamsburg. The depth and breadth of your knowledge of Viriginia Colonial history was incredible. Although we have read many biographies and historical accounts of Colonial America, your tours made the history come alive for us, and we learned the real stories behind the events. Your sense of humor and kindness to Carol and I made your tours the peak of our stay in Williamsburg, and we will recommend you highly to anyone traveling to that area. Thanks again for providing both education and a memorable experience. Richard

On behalf of my Mom, John, Cindy, Susan and myself we want to thank you for your tours!  We all had such a great weekend for my mom's bday.  We could not have imagined seeing Jamestown and Williamsburg without your guidance!  You were able to brin

You brought the history of Jamestown and Williamsburg to life and give us such insight that we would never have gotten on our own.  Our only regret is that we did not ask you to spend the entire weekend with us!!!!My mother loved every minute of being immersed in history.  We were able to spend the rest of Sat and Sun morning touring Williamsburg. Thanks so much for sharing your passion and knowledge with us, it was infectious !  Julie D.

We all want to thank you for the supurb and informative tour you gave us in Williamsburg.  Having gone on your tour the first day "made" the whole visit to Williamsburg a wonderful  experience in our nations history.  Enclosed, please find  a few pictures I took during the tour with you. Lynn & Barb, Dallas & Joanie, Ester, Connie

Thanks for your wonderful tour last week.  With such a diversity in ages, you did a wonderful job relaying history to each of them on their age levels. Our time with you was one of the highlights of our trip.   We feel that visiting the Williamsburg area was one of the most enriching family trips that we have taken.
L. M.

We all truly enjoyed your knowledge and your presentation. Students were taking this morning about the little play you put together. Thank you very much for everything. Our Academy will definitely keep you in mind if any more field trips  come up or as reference to other schools. Sincerely Claudio R., Science Teacher

Our kids are still talking about the wonderful time that they had on our Williamsburg & Jamestown tours with you in late March.  Michaela wrote you a thank you note which has been waiting to be mailed for months - can I get an address?  Thanks so much! Kathryn Purwin

Thank you for the freat tour you gave us of Williamsburg. Here is a picture in front of the Wren Builidig of Alina-14, Falco-7 and Lia-10. Sincerely The Meelen family

Our group thoroughly enjoyed your tour of Colonial Williamsburg.  The adults found it informative and the children still mention some of the stories you told them.  All appreciated the way you addressed the children directly and put the information to them on their level.  Your suggestions and advice for our self guided tour the next day were really helpful (especially about where to park!).  We would gladly recommend your tour to any friends visiting the area. Regards, Julianne Q.

Just wanted to thank you for showing my parents, Vince and Pat, such a good time on March 16th.  They have raved and raved about you.  I think you really "made" their trip for them.  Plus, it makes me look really good too for finding you!!!  You never know when that could come in handy.  Please know that you are being talked about very fondly and are being recommended to anyone we know that is planning a trip to Williamsburg.
Vicki R.

Just a short email to tell you that our tour guide for the day was absolutely fabulous.  We all had a wonderful time and were impressed with the depth of his knowledge and the enthusiasm for his subject. You offer a really terrific service.  As foreign students, we could never have afforded the higher rates charged by others.  We greatly appreciated the tour.
Warm regards,


We thought the tour was wonderful.  Other than the heat, we all enjoyed the walk, the wonderful historical stories and the great dinner at the Tavern.  Our guide was a true gentleman and a scholar -- I even recommended him to a colleague of mine from the class that I was attending.
Thanks for everything,
Vicki B.

I enjoyed the tour. I thought it was a good stepping stone before we did anything else in Williamsburg.  Maria A.

Our children loved the tour. It is about all they talked about for a week. They want to return for more stories. Great tour. Bruce M.

We loved our tour of Williasmburg. We have enclosed a picture of our son Dan who did a school project on your favorite Virginia Governor Alexander Spottswood. Thanks again, The Wattemhofer's



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