Factions at Jamestown

Various attempts to size power by busy hands, ambitious and unworthy persons.


John Smith, knowing that being in charge at Jamestown was a thankless job, made every effort to have someone else take charge, but failing to have anyone capable of being in charge and making wise decisions, Captain Smith reluctantly accepted the responsibility.


There were numerous attempts by some to take comand who had previously proved they were not fit.

Ratcliff and Archer attempted to steal a boat and sail home.


Wingfield said the following about Master Archer to Captain Newport on the eve of Newport's departure. He said Master Archer "was toubled with an ambitious spirit and would if he could". His observation proved to be very accurate. Newport unfortunantly told Archer before leaving about Wingfields comment. This undoubtly fueled Archer's ambitious mind into believing Wingfield was afraid of him.

Toward the end of November, Smith, with musket balls fired from a light cannon, stopped Kendall and Wingfield from sailing the pinnace away.

Toward the end of November Ratcliff, now Prisident of the Council after Wingfield's removal, beat the blacksmith who struck back. [p153 TWCJS]. The blacksmith was sentenced to hanng but saved his neck by telling of a conspiracy by Kendall.




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