Spooky Virginia Beach Ghost Tours

Tours temporarly suspended while we're looking for a good tour guide. Contact us if interested in this part time job.


with our spooky Ghost Tour by Candle Light

Join me for a 1 1/4 hour walk down the eerie Boardwalk of Virginia Beach illuminated by the lantern's glow ......past the restless spirits who have yet to pass to the far side.


It has been said that for every person living, there are 30 ghosts. Some are revealed to us. You may be walking with a ghost .



We offer Private tours for families, friends and groups by reservation or you may join others for a group tour.


Virginia Beach Boardwalk Ghost Lantern Tours are a fun way to spend an evening.

Become a ghost hunter. Bring your camera.




If it is the darker side of Virginia Beach's past you are interested in, then you will get the story of Blackbeard’s pirate crew who plundered ships off it's beaches.  Some say they have seen Blackbeard's ghost on this very Boardwalk.


Hear the story of the battle to capture Blackbeard and what happened to his head. Find out what convinced Blackbeard's pirate crew to “hang” around Virginia for eternity.




......just a few miles from the Boardwalk lived the most famous witch in Virginia.

Your guide will tell you about her and her trial.






Come and hear about the"Ghosts" who call Virginia Beach their home.  

Some people believe in ghosts!!!

Do you?

Become a ghost hunter .

Can I talk to a ghost?
Will a ghost follow me home?
If you are followed home, how do you get rid of a ghost?

Our guide can supply the answers to your questions about ghosts.

  • about ghosts and haunting's
  • the paranormal
  • scary stories and the supernatural

But have no fear if you are possessed, your guide is ready to help.
If the spirit of a deceased actually enters into your body and makes you do things against your will, your guide is ready to perform an exorcism.

Come join our 1 1/4 hour Haunted Lantern Tour and enjoy a fun-filled evening activity.

You may never close your eyes again!



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Private Tours by Reservation

Private Tours have begun for the season- register below !

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Private Tours by Reservation

Private Tours have begun for the season!

Private Tour Reservations are now being accepted for tour dates June -Sept.

Our private evening haunted lantern tours are approximately 1 1/4  hour duration. This tour, like all our other tours, are private tours for your family or group. You will not have other persons in your group that you do not know. Since this is a private tour, we are able to accommodate and adjust our tour's fear level to the level of the youngest participant.With a private tour,  you can continually ask questions and have conversations with your guide.  Email us with the date and start time of your choice.

Make Your Private Tour Reservations Now

$ 96 total is the cost for the tour( includes up to 8 persons).Additional persons are are $12 each.  Payment is requested in cash before the tour,r or if you are running late, you may at the conclusion of the tour at Jody's Jody's is located at 205 Laskin Rd. (31 st Street) across from our meeting location. It is on your right as your walk from the exit from the parking garage toward the Ghost Tour meeting location. Get your snacks here at Jody's. They are so nice to sell our tickets for us.

Step#1 *Click Here to read "Terms"

Step#2 Send the following information by email

Click the envelope below to send email

YYour Name

Your Contact Cell#:

Date and Start Time

State tht you have you read & do you agree with the Terms of vStep#1?

Number of Guests

Any Comments or Questions

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Have a large group? You can save money !

(If you have a large group of 20 or more persons, please contact us for special pricing for your very own private group tour)

Email me to for a special discount rate for your large group.


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Public Group Tours

Tours to begin June 2006

Group Tours leave most nights from a set location. No reservation is required. You may join a group of 10-60 other guests.

The cost for the tour for is  $12/person (under 3 years or younger are free). 




For more information on the Ghost Tour meeting location and ticket purchase, click map to left.




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Why take our tour?

Our private tours are simply the best.

Another good reason to take our tour is that occasionally guests report having contact with the spirits while on our tours. 

Guest Comments

We would like to thank you for giving us our requested "11" on a scale of 1 to 10 for Ghost Tours.  We appreciate all the extra effort you put into our tour. The kids still talk about that    *      and the stormy night. Thank you for making our visit one to remember with fondness for years to come
! Kimberly CVACS-D Blackstone, VA

It was great to have such a personalized tour.  Our children still talk about the ***** . We will give your name to anyone we know who are planning a visit.
Thank You ,
 The Stillwell's



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Virginia Beach Ghost Tours

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