Welcome To Williamsburg's

Treasure Hunt

There is Pirate gold to be found. "Gold I say for the taking", to any lubber who can solve the clues. There are clues are in puzzles, there are mysteries to solve and maps to follow. Every ounce of the searchers wit will be required for success.



The Grisley Details:

The treasure hunt can take place on a beach near Williamsburg just 10 minuites away, or in Williamsburg itself.

If the chosen location is in Williamsburg, the treasure will be hidden under a plant, log (some such location where digging will not be required).

If the chosen location for the hunt is to be on a beach, then the treasusre will be burried 4 to 6 inches deep in the sand.

All participants will share in the gold - each takeing home three gold coins. A glass or plastic jewel and a string of pearls (plastic). The real gold, jewels and pearls can be furnished but at a bit higher price than quoted below.

Choices for coins are pictured below. You amy choose:

1.5" plastic coins with a metallic gold finish, (some with casting defects on the edges therefor not perfect)


1.5" Aluminum Doubloons , ( the vast majority of these will be round doubloons approximately will vary in shape and size)


Prices vary per size of Group.

1-10 participants are $15 each ( 10 person minimum).

11-20 participants are $14.00 each

21-50 participants are $12 each

51-75 participants are $9 each

76-120 participants are $7.50 each


Contact us to book your treasure hunt. Click my pen to write me a letter.

Or find a device to send electromagnetic waves throught the transparent eather. My personal electromagnetic address is 757-897-9600.